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Design and color research and development-reverse development, carefully selected designs and colors, updated monthly



Lvlizhushe set up a special market research team to collect statistics on national best-selling designs every month, and and development end in time for design development guidance.



Design and color research and development-reverse development, carefully selected designs and colors, updated monthly



The design and color research and development team has nearly 100 people. After three steps of research and development, preliminary screening and selection, 30 trendy designs are selected every month, and 70% of them are eliminated after repeated deliberation. Finally, about 10 designs are carefully selected and included in the green raccoon building. Sheet system.



The Green Raver Buildings has cooperated with more than 50 color suppliers across the country to provide guarantee for the continuous supply of color.


Efficient landing system depends on the completeness of the product supply chain and the efficiency of new Green Raver has the strong ability to network is distributed . At the same time, it participates in the industry's international exhibitions every year to ensure the timely production and supply of new products.


Provide customized services for the entire system of doors, walls, cabinets, floors, ceilings, and mobile furniture.

绿狸筑舍布局全国供应网络,重点布局西南、华北、东南区域。战略合作板材品牌10家以上, 全国合作板材厂家共计30家,配套商近100家。产品就近配送,实现快速安装、成本更低

Lv Rong She has a nationwide supply network, focusing on the southwest, north and southeast regions. There are more than 10 strategic cooperation sheet brands, a total of 30 cooperative sheet manufacturers nationwide, and nearly 100 supporting suppliers. Products are distributed nearby, realizing quick installation and lower cost


Lvli Building pays attention to new product updates in the industry, participates in dozens of industry-related exhibitions every year, and continuously enriches its product system. The new products displayed at the exhibition, the Green Raver Building can realize timely supply


The flexible closing system can provide the most effective support for the dynamic changes of the commercial space. The brand's unique "Green Raccoon Fixed Closure Research Institute" , and regularly collects customer feedback, continues to iterate, and solves customer problems in a timely manner


The research and development of the closure of the Green Raver building is based on the actual landing situation of the product, and the closure scene is fully covered


Each subdivided closing series of Lvli Zushi is equipped with design talents who specialize in this sector, to achieve "the same closing piece, Solve various types of closing problems."


The R&D team of Green Raver Building Closure regularly collects the closure problems encountered during the landing on a monthly basis to ensure that solutions can be provided in the following month.